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We found the most fresh and irresistible authentic ice cream, in Chalkidiki!




Photography: Stathis Markou

Fresh homemade gelato made with real ingredients. This is exactly what we discovered at the new Gelateria «Ksilaki» in Nikiti, Chalkidiki. Interested? Wait till you hear the rest!

Ksilaki is the creation of two young women, Annie and Daphni, who opened their ice-cream shop with the vision of creating something new. With all their creativity and honesty, the girls know exactly what they are doing. Having learned how to create their own recipes in Italy, they can produce any flavour you can imagine through a process which to us looks like alchemy. And if you are a curious person who is always interested in how things are made, you can ask them and not only will they describe but they may even show you parts of their process, as they make their gelato fresh in shop every day!

The Production

As for its quality, the gelato reaches the boundaries of excellence. Pistachio, Strawberry or Chocolate, every flavour is produced with real, local ingredients, in collaboration with producers from Chalkidiki and Thessaloniki. This is exactly what makes their gelato stand out.

The Flavors

Let us cut to the chase and grab some spoons! The salted caramel is their holy grail! Our preferred flavors are the chocolate peanut butter, the carnival popcorn, and their cement gelato (which is their take on the classic stracciatella). Whenever they find a moment, Annie and Daphni love to create new flavours. Among these is the raspberry-mint, which has already become irreplaceable. Don’t miss the chance to try their chocolate-orange as long as it is still available, as it is truly unique and unforgettable – made with a traditional, homemade orange preserve recipe local to Nikiti.

Feeling over-excited? Let us guide you a bit more. This gelato from Ksilaki is made to be consumed at once. Plus, we suggest that you get a little playful with the combination of flavors and toppings, as in this place there are no limits. Annie and Dafni follow the «not-so-much sugar» rule, meaning that the «not so sweet» is after all sweeter. 

The Spot

The gelato is so homemade, it can only be served in this handmade shop, built from floor to ceiling by Annie and Daphni themselves, with help from family, friends and even strangers who believed in creating their dream and ended up becoming some of their closest friends. Therefore, when you visit their shop you can’t help but feel at home, and in the end become a friend, or even help out with their production by bringing fruit from your trees in exchange for gelato, or simply giving a suggestion for a new flavour.

Among some of their future plans and wishes, Annie and Daphni hope to produce the fresh, homemade gelato popsicles which they have been creating and designing in their gelato lab. Until then, enjoy it in a cup or a cone with one of their innumerable combinations of toppings, waffles, heated brownies or chocolate cake, grab a coffee and some friends and sit in their super cool overloaded-with-cuteness yard.

So, if you found yourself in the area of Sithonia, you have to make a stop at Ksilaki, for the ice cream of your life. We are pretty sure that you will be returning every time.

Gelateria Ksilaki
Nikiti, Sithonia, Chalkidiki, 630 88
gelateriaksilaki | Instagram: ksilaki


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