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Φωτογράφοι απ’ όλο τον κόσμο «κλείνουν το μάτι» στα Χριστούγεννα!




“The typical British Christmas party. Bright lights, cheap Prosecco, beige food (on a stick) and Christmas napkins. I can just hear Wham! looking at it.” Benjamin McMahon


“This was taken around Christmas nearly ten years ago, an exotic touch in the cold.” Lorena Lohr


“For me Christmas holiday season means flying back home to Barcelona. Long flight journey to see my family. This photo was taken taking off from Mexico City, where I lived for more than five years, with the views of the Popocateptl and Iztaccihuatl volcanoes below us.” Pia Riverola

“How lovely are thy branches.” Polly Brown


“This photograph was taken during a very, very hot summer evening in Miyajima last year. Funny fact is that I didn’t realise they were actually Santa’s reindeers chilling by the Japanese shores until very recently. Looking back on that moment, some magic was definitely going on in there.” Ana Cuba


“My sister-in-law and her son, shot by an adoring uncle (me). No holiday is complete without child meltdowns, fuelled by sugar-and-toy highs. I think they look like Mary and Jesus.” Alexander Coggin


“Although it was shot in the streets of Bologna, Italy, this summer, the Virgin-like figure and the fairy lights make me think a lot of Christmas time.” Lucie Rox

“The holidays are about connection and love and I’ve filled my year capturing the many faces of love and lovers. Whether you spend your Christmas with the family you were born into, or the family you make for yourself; surround yourself with love and lovers. Just as I have been fortunate to, all year long.” Daisy Walker

Φωτογραφία Εξωφύλλου: Polly Brown


Τρία ποιήματα για τον χρόνο που περνάει.
Το βιβλίο που μας υπενθύμισε ότι δεν έχουν όλες οι Χριστουγεννιατικές ιστορίες αίσιο τέλος.